How often should you update your headshots?

I get asked a lot, “How often should I update my headshot?” Chances are, if you are thinking that, then it’s probably time for a new one! The industry standard for new headshots is about every 2 to 3 years. However, that can be different for each person. If you change your looks drastically, then you will want to get a new headshot. It is very important that your headshot represents YOU!

A headshot is very important in “branding yourself” in your industry. The worst thing you can do other than not having a professional headshot is to have one that is out dated. When someone comes to meet you for the first time, if you look nothing like the image they have seen when doing research, they can think you are hiding something or neglecting your brand image. Worse than this, however, when they meet the real you, it’s quite possible that they can immediately feel misled, which could affect the way they trust you, and in the end, decide if they do business with your company.

Another reason to need professional headshots is for social media purposes. If you are potentially looking at two different profiles, one has a picture taken with a cellular phone, not cropped or color corrected, the other is a professional headshots, properly lit and detailed, which one would you be more inclined to contact? A professional headshots says you care about your appearance, and you mean BUSINESS when it comes to your business!

Below are two examples of LinkedIn profiles. Same person, two different feelings.

Above: taken with a cell phone, no editing, bad background.

Above: Professional headshot, color corrected and bright emotions.

You might need multiple headshots

Depending on your frequency of self-change, you may need multiple images for headshots. Here is a good example: if you are a man that can grow facial hair easily, you should have a headshot with, and without it. If you are a woman who wears your hair straight and curly, depending on your mood, have a headshot with both styles.

Here are a couple of other reasons you might need to update your headshots.

  • If you change your hair color

  • If you often switch between wearing glasses and contacts

  • Get your hair cut or styled your hair in a significantly different way

  • Lose or gain a significant amount of weight

  • Any Significant cosmetic changes to your face or body

There are many different reasons to update your professional headshot and the reason are different to everyone. Ultimately though, if you look at all different or you are promoting your headshot to a different audience, don’t ask take the risk missing out on potential leads because you have outdated personal branding, which can get your exchange off on the wrong foot!

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